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House Painting

“This letter is written to acknowlede the efficient, courteous, helpful and timely service we received from the time we contacted you and your company to paint our house,- until the job was completed. I would like to comment on the nice approach to the work to be done, defining the necessary activities in a written contract, that also included the responsibility and the security measures for the crew. The various activities included arranging for necessary scaffolding around the house, washing the house, necessary scraping, primer and two layers of paint. I also would comment on the quality of your company’s work in all the activities performed. It was a pleasure to have conscientious, clean and efficient team. Friends and neighboursgave us positive comments on the how the actual work was performedand the very nice end result. I surely can recommend you and your company to anyone needing a paint job. It was a job well done.” Lars Kvande Nærsnes